Blossoming Skin - A perfect day cream

Blossoming Skin -  A perfect day cream
"The Rose is a model of healthy skin strong but soft, resilient yet delicate" - Dr Hauschka


As the seasons change so do the needs of our skin. During the winter time, our skin can require added protection from the elements and extra hydration to counteract the cold. As the temperaturewarm, the demands of our skin ease and the time to change to a lighter day cream can arise. Rose Day Cream Light, like the iconic Rose Day Cream, uses powers of the rose to care for complexions while allowing it to breathe and relax into the warmer climes of spring and summer.
Using precious rose water and rose wax, it nourishes and hydrates the skin with a light creamy formula. It is the ideal day cream for all skin. The harmonising face cream softly envelopes the skin, caring for it with the complete power of rose. Formulated with rose water, rose petal extract and natural Damask rose essential oil, it works to strengthen and stabilises skin that is prone to redness whilst allowing it to breathe.
HauschkaTips: its light texture absorbs quickly making it the ideal priming base for make up.
Strengthen and stabilise your skin this summer. Using all of the power in roses, the delicate formula works to support your skin’s natural processes while harmonising and regulating moisture production, helping your skin discover and reveal it’s natural beauty and radiance.
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