Safe & Happy – Pets on Bonfire Night

Safe & Happy – Pets on Bonfire Night


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Remember, remember the fifth of November…. Ah, it’s a lovely time of year, morning mists and mellow sunshine, the crisp evening air, the very first frosts arriving lightly; just perfect for inviting friends round for a hearty bean chilli and mulled apple juice, then wrapping up in warm coats, pulling on your hats and scarves and running outside to watch a firework display. The ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as a kaleidoscope of bright and beautiful colours explode in the night sky!

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It’s important to take extra special care of our pets at this time of year; a lot of cats and dogs are terrified by loud and sudden noises, and for them, firework night is a traumatic and frightening time. It’s heartbreaking to see our pets distressed, cowering in a dark corner, or shaking under the bed, so think ahead and make sure you’ve got a calming antidote to give them in advance of the big bangs.


Here at Greenlife we sell remedies that are natural, safe to use and are recommended by vets; Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian is commonly used to treat phobias and nervous disorders in animals, so it’s a good one to give to your feline friend or your canine companion on bonfire night. It’s easy to administer, you just give your pet 1-2 tablets according to their bodyweight, ideally in two doses; we find giving them with a treat is easiest. Use it two or three days before and after November 5th so that it has time to be absorbed into their system and remains there over the few days when it’s most likely that fireworks will be let off. The good thing with this product is that it doesn’t have strong sedative properties - it calms and relaxes without causing drowsiness. As it’s made from plant extracts, it’s a very natural product, with the active ingredients being skullcap, mistletoe, valerian and gentian. It doesn’t interact with other medication and can be given to animals as young as 8 weeks of age, though note that it isn’t recommended for pregnant or lactating pets. At only £11.20 for 100 tablets, it’s great value and well worth it to see happier, relaxed pooches and moggies.

Dorwest Organic Valerian Compound

We also stock a Dorwest Organic Valerian Compound, which comes in a little bottle with a dropper and is priced at £10.50 for 30ml. Think of it as a rescue remedy for animals; safe, calming and 100% natural, the active ingredients are organic extracts of vervain, valerian root, and mistletoe. A few drops are all that’s needed in each 24 hours and you can add it to your pet’s drinking water, or pop it on a treat for them. Because it’s a liquid, it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream so is a good standby for anxious animals and also for overactive ones. Again, it can be given to animals from 8 weeks of age but isn’t recommended for pregnant or lactating cats and dogs. Be mindful that if your pet doesn’t have much body fat this compound can occasionally induce mild hyperactivity.

Bioforce Animal Essence


A similar product we can advocate is Bioforce Animal Essence - Emergency, which comes in a 30ml bottle and costs just £4.85. Like the popular Bach Flower Essences, it’s made from the tinctures of certain flowers and plants specifically chosen for their calming properties, including bluebells, oak, and water violet. Another one that’s really easy to administer, you just add a few drops to the animal’s water three times a day.  The only contraindication is that professional advice should be sought before giving the essence to expectant or lactating animals. A very similar product is Bioforce Highly Strung Essence, which has reported success with nervous animals.

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It’s important to give your pet as much support as you can when he or she is distressed – a warm and quiet place to settle down, lots of love and attention, and of course cuddles!

So stay safe folks – and a wonderful Firework Night to you and yours – including your pets!

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