Ella's Organic Veggie Feast with Basil

From 7 months. 100% organic pureed broccoli, pears + peas with a dash of lemon juice. Nothing else added, not even water. 

Organic vegetable stock 28% (water and organic vegetables: carrots, parsnips, swedes, onions and leeks)
Organic tomatoes 22%
Organic mixed beans 17% (haricot beans, cannellini beans and red kidney beans)
Organic butternut squash 11%
Organic green beans 8%
Organic onions 7%
Organic carrots 7%
Organic basil <1%
Other stuff 0%



Don't Forget

Our product range is constantly under development to offer our customers the best choice and experience possible. We work hard to ensure that all product details are up to date and correct, highlighting allergies and dietary information, but advise that product instructions and labels are consulted before use.

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