Minami MorEPA Mini Smart Fats


- All the benefits of our advanced supercritical Omega-3 in a mini capsule. MorEPA Mini is designed to provide you and the ones you love most with all the EPA and DHA the body needs for the brain.

- MorEPA Mini capsules have a reduced size making them a lot easier to swallow, but increasing the recommended daily dose from 1 to 2 capsules a day.Two small MorEPA® Mini-Junior capsules contain (combined) 490 mg EPA and a small amount of DHA.

Directions as a food supplement


For children as of 6 and adults: 2 softgels per day, with a meal. The content can also be mixed with food or can be chewed.

- Do not exceed a daily intake of 5 g of EPA and DHA combined




Don't Forget

Our product range is constantly under development to offer our customers the best choice and experience possible. We work hard to ensure that all product details are up to date and correct, highlighting allergies and dietary information, but advise that product instructions and labels are consulted before use.

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