Yogi Tea Detox Dandelion with Lemon
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Yogi Detox Dandilion Tea

For over 40 years, Yogi Tea have been combining 100% organic ingredients to make quality organic herbal tea blends based on the principles of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. Yogi Tea support organic and sustainable farming and fair trade through membership of the Sustainable Spice Initiative, the Ethical Tea Partnership and other initiatives.

The teas are packaged in FSC certified cardboard boxes and the bags are 100% home compostable too. We are proud to stock no less than 40 of their herbal teas and chai teas in Greenlife! The latest addition to our shelves is Detox Dandelion with Lemon.

In more normal times we would be running an in store tasting in store for you to sample it with us, but you’ll have to take our word for it, it’s delicious. Try it and let yourself be uplifted by this Ayurvedic tea blend with fruity lemon, slightly bitter dandelion and ginger, rounded off with liquorice.

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