About Greenlife - Why Greenlife?

Why Greenlife?


What makes Greenlife more than just your average health food store?

Many regular customers say it is the choice of organic products, the friendly service, and also the level of knowledge many of our staff have in certain specialised fields.
As a company, we continue to always strive to practice what we preach.
The real 'Greenlife' isn't just about eating organic vegetables, although this is a good starting point!
It is a way of life, a way of living in today's world responsibly.
This means continually re-evaluating our use of resources; this includes using alternatives in packing materials, recycling as much as possible where possible (including unwanted till receipts), replacing energy-hungry lighting with more efficient alternatives, using local organic suppliers and sourcing as many products as possible from distributors with a similar ethical and environmental outlook.
All these little things add up to reducing the total impact we have on the environment.
Some of our staff are health practitioners in their own right.
This means we have a huge wealth of knowledge at our disposal as a resource to provide customers with the best possible service when it comes to nutritional and supplementation advice.
At present our staff includes a Nutritionist, a Homeopath, an expert in Bach Flower Remedies and a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist.
We also have a continual training program for staff that endeavours to constantly increase our knowledge base.
Over the years, the staff at 

Greenlife have contributed greatly to the development of the store as well as raising funds for charities and worthwhile causes. 50% of the money raised by renting space for posters and cards on our noticeboard goes to charity.

So do people still think we are a bunch of sandal-wearing hippies who have no grasp of reality?

As it turns out, organic and sustainable living is no longer a niche market but instead is fast becoming the mainstream way of living in the 'real world'.
The concept of 'alternative living' may soon be obsolete, as environmental awareness is the order of the day and organic food is becoming the only way to eat.

So Why GREENLIFE .. That's Why!