Power Pro Whey Protein Concentrate Powder - Unflavoured


An excellent supplement for anyone wanting to increase the amount of protein in their diet.

Protein is required for anabolic activity as it provides the building blocks for growth. Protein may be used as a preferential energy source by athletes training to gain lean muscle mass.

Whey Proteins are recognised as being a highly nutritious source of protein with a superior amino acid profile to other dietary proteins such as Casein, Soy or Grain Proteins.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins with Branch Chain Amino Acids being the most essential for muscle growth and repair.

Whey Protein is a source of Calcium, an important mineral nutrient due to its role in bone strength as well as muscle contraction and relaxation.

It provides 79% protein content per 100g.



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Power Pro Whey Protein Concentrate Powder - Unflavoured Customer Reviews

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