Quest TumBiotix

Quest TumBiotix helps maintain regularity and bowel health. It helps to maintain a positive balance of intestinal bacteria - so helping support bowel health and function and creating an optimal environment for digestion and absorption.

Probiotic bacteria reinforce the intestinal lining as a protective barrier, preventing harmful materials from crossing into the bloodstream, where they can secrete anti-microbial substances. It can also prevent potentially harmful bacteria from establishing in the gut.

Contains beneficial probiotic bacteria that occurs naturally in the human gut.

Quest Tumbiotix is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Targeted and scientifically established probiotic supplement
Carefully selected probiotic strains
High content of stable and viable bacteria presented in capsule form
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Non-dairy culture medium


Allergen guidance: lactobacilli probiotics are grown on a non-GM soy culture medium




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